Amarynth – Suicide Girl of the Day
Meet Amarynth, a Rhode Island SuicideGirl who loves to cook and digs hipbones. Save the cheesy pickup lines on this babe, fellas, because this babe says they turn her right off.
Brutz — Suicide Girl of the Day
Meet Brutz, a Turkish Suicide Girl who sets her standards low by saying she can’t live without perfection. When she’s not soaking in perfection, Brutz enjoys comics, video games and singing in the bathroom.
Luscious – Suicide Girl of the Day
Meet Luscious, a Canadian Suicide Girl who says she enjoys long runs in her city and running inanimate objects over with her car. If you score a date with this hottie, make sure hitting a fast-food joint isn't on the itinerary, as she says she "would eat animals if it was back to the old-schoo…

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