The American Tragedy

Remembering The American Tragedy
I was just going through my computer doing some LONG overdue Spring Cleaning. And while I was deleting picture and videos and what not, I stumbled across folders and folders of American Tragedy pictures and videos. It's hard to believe it has been almost 2 years since Tragedy played their last show …
The American Tragedy Play Final Club Show at the Riverside Warehouse
Shreveport rockers The American Tragedy have called it quits, but not before performing a blistering set at the Riverside Warehouse's 6th anniversary on Friday night. For the band and audience alike, it was a bittersweet show. And 99X was there to capture the end of an era for local rock.
Spend New Year’s Eve With 99X! [AUDIO, VIDEO]
I've heard that how a person spends New Years Eve is how they will spend the rest of the year. If there is any truth to that then why not spend the rest of the year with good friends, great music, and the heathens from your favorite radio station!
Jade’s Band T-Shirt of the Day – The American Tragedy
Four incredibly talented, (and, let's face it, good-looking) Louisiana guys! If you want the best of what the Shreveport music scene has to offer, this is THE band to watch! And as far as local vocalists/songwriters go, Adam Dale is in my top five (could very well be number one...
New Video by The American Tragedy! [VIDEO]
The new video of "Louisiana Loves Her Dead" by our "homegrown guys" The American Tragedy.  The guys did this as a dedication to the one-year anniversary of the gulf coast oil spill. It is a MUST-SEE!