The Kul

Tunes I Didn’t Get to Play Last Night! [AUDIO]
Several tunes on last night's Homegrown show ended up not I thought I'd post them here for you, so you can enjoy them as much as I have!
First up...This Day Forth (from Longview, TX) - Defiance:
Next...Dylan the Astronaut - Farewell My Little Viking:
AAAAnd The Kul (from Texas) -…
Wes Jeans – Edisun – The Kul [PHOTOS]
Wow! Great turnout for last night's Homegrown Live show at the Riverside Warehouse! And the bands were...AWESOME! I ran into lots of old friends -- and made some new ones, too.  Took lots of pictures, as are some of the highlights.
Who’s on Homegrown 03-27-11?
On tonight's Homegrown show...two of the bands playing this upcoming Friday's Homegrown Live show at the Riverside Warehouse...Wes Jeans and The Kul!  This makes the first time I've interviewed both of we had a loooot to talk about...