this is gonna hurt

Nikki Sixx Has More To Say…Suprised? [PIC]
Nikki Sixx is not known to be the silent member of Motley Crue, but with that has come some of the most memorable riffs and lyrics in Rock music.
He has sold over 80 million albums with Motley Crue and has 2 best selling books. His second "This is Gonna Hurt" is in the Top 5 on the …
Tattoo Removal The Redneck Way [VIDEO]
This is a Jeff Foxworthy joke gone horribly wrong. We've all known somebody, or are somebody, that has a tattoo that they totally regret getting, but not near as badly as Larry Schofield of Benton, Illinois.
See, Larry had his e-wife's name tattooed on his arm (any tattoo artist will tell you the onl…
Nikki Sixx’s New Book “This is Gonna Hurt” [VIDEO]
Nikki Sixx is at it again with his project Sixx A.M..  There will be a new album for Sixx A.M. coming out May 3, 2011 "This is Gonna Hurt."
Nikki Sixx has something to offer us before that. Make sure to check bookstores this Tuesday for his new book This is Gonna Hurt.
You could of course wi…