Injured Alligator Holds Up Traffic in Shreveport
It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but this is a real story. KTBS says an injured alligator has a section of the southbound lane of Hwy 1/Youree Drive between E. Kings Hwy and Leonard Road in Shreveport closed this morning.
Louisiana Roads Are Costing You Money!
If you think that I-20 through Shreveport/Bossier City is tearing up your car, you're probably right.  A new study conducted by TRIP, a transportation research company, reveals that almost two-thirds of Louisiana's major local and state roads are in bad condition with 13 percent of br…
Traffic On Airline In Bossier City A Mess
If you're wondering what the heck's happening with traffic in the afternoon in Bossier City, here's the scoop.  The snarl on the north end of Airline Dr. is being caused by work on the city's wastewater system.  The work is being done close to the road near the intersec…
Roadway Nightmares In The SBC
I walked around the office, and asked the folks here at Townsquare Media to give me their lest favorite (most hated) traffic areas. This is what they said.
Russian ‘Stop A Douchebag’ Videos Take Over The Internet [VIDEO]
These guys are hardcore. It's like Jackass, but with morals.
In Russia, driving on sidewalks is apparently a big problem. Big enough that this crew of young men have started a large-scale public war to shame those who do it. Their approach is to block cars driving on the sidewalk, confront the driver…

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