Hang With The Monsters
99X is giving you the chance have your very own private party backstage with Monster Nation this Saturday.  The prize includes 4 VIP tickets, photos and autographs with the stars--even a buffet dinner!  Deadline to enter is 10am Friday, so do it now...
Truck Driver Causes Accident While Pulling a Tooth [Video]
It's way too easy to drive distracted these days. Things like food, cell phones and passengers are all temptations to take your attention off the road.
For an Alabama truck driver, a loose tooth was to blame for his distracted-driving disaster, Alabama Live/ reported.
How To Turn Your Truck Into A Tank
Okay sure your truck is tough ... but does it have treads like you'd see on an army tank? Probably not, check out this awesome video that displays how you can take your 4 wheel drive and give it some extra grip when off road or in deep snow...