Is it Katy Perry, or Topless Model Rosie Jones? [PHOTOS]
Rosie Jones like to take her top off. A lot. Katy Perry likes to tease us by a-l-m-o-s-t taking her top off. A lot. Recently, a twitter pic of Rosie in a red and white bikini has been circulating all over the web universe. Nothing wrong with that, but a lot of uninformed web posters have been c…
Happy Thong Thursday! [PICS]
Happy Thong Thursday! It's that wonderful time of the week where we can shamelessly ogle hot, nearly naked women. So, here is a little something to help get you through the week.
10 Dumb Tweets About Kurt Cobain for His Birthday
Ugh, come on people. Kurt Cobain is trending pretty hard on Twitter today, since it's his birthday, but we doubt the authenticity of some of these "fans." Here are some dumb, dumb tweets dedicated to Cobain on his birthday. (We left out the twenty gazillion tweets of the quote "Wantin…
Check Out More #hotpicatnoon Twitter Babes
Meet @Krislovaa -- Last week we introduced you to the best new hashtag in the world, #hotpicatnoon, created byMaxim. It's gaining momentum by the day, and so we're returning to give your the ten hottest twitter pics of the day, courtesy of these lovely ladies.
Disturbed Singer David Draiman Reveals Side Project Name
A few weeks ago, details emerged about an industrially-leaning side project from Disturbed frontman David Draiman. While his main, multi-platinum band remains on hiatus, he’s keeping busy with other things. He revealed the name of the new project via a tweet and it’s …

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