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Watch a Supercut of Diamond Dave Doing Karate Moves on Stage [VIDEO]
It truly is amazing how talented David Lee Roth is. I mean, yeah his radio career went down in flames after a couple of months but other than that, the guy is a dynamo! Not only is he arguably one of the greatest frontmen of all the time, but the guy has some killer karate moves! Seriously! Check ou…
You Think You Know Van Halen?
For a group that's had more than its share of outspoken frontmen over the years, Van Halen have managed to keep a pretty tight lid on its inner workings.
Van Halen Live DVD Rumored
We've been told in no uncertain terms that Van Halen's long-awaited "secret project" is not a new album. Now we have a fresh set of rumors hinting at what it might be instead.
David Lee Roth Had His Penis Insured? [VIDEO]
There are tons of stories and legends surrounding the Mighty Van Halen. Everything from insane threesomes to David Lee Roth getting fired from the band because our very own Flynt Stone slipped Diamond Dave some bad acid. The stories are almost as good as the music. But the newest story from Van Hale…
Van Halen Working on New Songs
All signs point not just to a full recovery and return to the road for Eddie Van Halen, but some forthcoming new music, as well. The guitarist, who was sidelined by a nasty case of diverticulitis last year, has posted a photo to Facebook of himself in the studio.

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