Digital Summer Release New Video For ‘Forget You’ [VIDEO]
One of my favorite songs we've been spinning the hell out of lately is Digital Summer's 'Forget You'. But what's not to love about the band and the song. Not only do they get some emotional and axe support from Clint Lowery of Sevendust. But, the band includes Shreveport/Bossier's own Jon Stephenson…
Steel Panther To Release Live “British Invasion” DVD
If you are into Metal or Comedy, Steel Panther is the band for you. They are funnier than hell and rock harder than most bands on the planet. Now, if you've never had the pleasure of attending a Steel Panther concert, well you are missing out.
Nerdy, Weird Kid Looking For Love Sans Penis On the Internet [VIDEO]
Guys, I think that we all can admit we've done some crazy stuff in our quest to nail hot chicks. It's in our DNA and some of the things we do end up being things we wish we hadn't. But this kid is taking it to a whole new level. But unlike our mistakes, which can be erased with 80 Proof, this weirdo…
Top 5 Lap Dances in Movies [NSFW VIDEOS]
I hate Tom Cruise. I loathe the guy. He's a miserable prick who worships aliens. Also, his new movie 'Rock of Ages' which is a Moulin Rouge-esque musical about the 8o's Hair Metal era, is an embarrassment to metal and metal fans everywhere.
And on top of that they cut the only good portion of the mov…
Shinedown Tease
The latest Shinedown release, "Bully," has a companion music video. The band is set to release it, but is playing the "tease." There is a scrap of the video posted at this link:
Chevelle “Face To The Floor” [VIDEO]
What gives with all the bands putting out videos well after they release their songs? Seether did it with "Tonight", Jane's Addiction is doing it with "Underground" and now Chevelle has done the same thing well after the song came out. Just before Christmas t…

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