Redlight King Documents Life on the Road [VIDEO]
I've always wondered what life on the road with a rock and roll band is REALLY like. Sure, we've seen Motley Crue and other big bands get documented. But what about the little guys who sleep in roach motels and travel via sh***y van.
Well, now we know...
If The Formula Works…[VIDEO]
So I am really digging the new Seether and I just caught the video on YouTube over the weekend and I really liked it...then it hit me. "WHY do I like this video so much?" aside from the killer lyrics and the video and see if you come to the same conclusion:
See, great …
University of Arizona Streaker Could Serve Time [VIDEO]
Its been a time honored tradition for decades, but now streaking at a college football game could earn one undergrad up to 18 months in prison.
It probably didn't help University of Arizona undergraduate, Jace Lankow, that a near riot took place after he stripped to his skivvies d…
One Man Cover of Queen “Somebody To Love” [VIDEO]
Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen, would have turned 65 years old if he had lived to see his birthday on September 5th. Google did another great Doodle in celebration of the flamboyant frontman's birthday, but I think Youtuber nicepeter found the best way to wish Freddie a happy birthday with an…
Staind Debuts New Video for “Not Again” [VIDEO]
Staind has just released the official video for their new song "Not Again."
The video was directed by P.R. Brown who directed videos for Stone Sour and Bullet For My Valentine.
"Not Again" was the first single of their upcoming self-titled album that hits stores Tue…

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