10 Songs You Totally Forgot You Love [VIDEOS]
This morning, my little family was getting ready for the day as we always do. The kids were all dressed and eating breakfast, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and Kaci was at her makeup station laying down some foundation.
All of a sudden, I hear a song in the distance that immediately caused…
#TBT – 99X Throwback Thursday
We have a ton of great videos in our vault. So every Thursday we're going to take the opportunity to jump on the #TBT bandwagon and re-release some of these bad boys.
This week, we have three local performances from three great bands. Starting with KYNG:
Next up, Skillet:
Finally we have Charm City D…
Watch This Independent Wrestler Almost Break His Neck! [VIDEO]
Growing up, I was a HUGE wrestling fan. Late 80s, early 90s wrestling was great! And back in the day, my favorite wrestler was WCW's Scott Steiner. Early in his career, he would do this insane backflip, powerslam move that just looked awesome! However, he quit doing it because more times than not, h…
Watch This Stupid Video About How Marvel Characters Eat Their Food [VIDEO]
I don't know if you've seen these videos before, but a couple of guys sit together and 'act out' how various things eat. For example, 'How Animals Eat' and 'How Dinosaurs Eat'. These videos, at least to me, are absolutely idiotic. But I must say, 'How Marvel Characters Eat' is one of the funniest an…
Penn State Scandal Already South Parked [VIDEO]
Is it just me or is it too soon for jokes to be made about the Penn State scandal? I know in these day and age the folks behind South Park have to try even harder to toe that line. But, if you ask me they kinda Gilbert Gottfried this one.
The Black Keys “Lonely Boy” FIRST LISTEN [VIDEO]
The Black Keys, the two man group from Akron, Ohio, have released the first single, "Lonely Boy," today from their upcoming release "El Camino."
The new album is the follow up for my favorite album at the moment "Brothers" and is expected to be released via Warner Music …

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