Bossier Wal-Mart Arsonists Identified
Yesterday Bossier City Fire Department investigators arrested Kailey Marie Wise, 18, of Benton for simple arson.  She and a male companion walked into the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Barksdale Boulevard on February 3rd and set fire to the place...
Texas Woman Headbutts Wal Mart Worker Over Tax Return [VIDEO]
Look, Wal Mart is a STRANGE place. It's a living, breathing Craigslist filled with meth heads, sexual deviants, and all sorts of other strange characters. One of those said characters apparently picked a fight with a Wal Mart Tax Professional in Texas. The results...absolutely HILARIOUS!
What Happened to the ‘Service’ in Service Industry?
I may be hallucinating, but I could have sworn I was living in Louisiana, a state whose economy is driven in large part by the tourism and service industry. If that's the case, you'd think that we here in LA would have this 'service' thing down pat, huh?  Not so much.  Being perfectly honest, if my …