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Man Cited for Eating While Driving [Video]
There are plenty of things that you just shouldn't do while driving.
You shouldn't text. You shouldn't (and aren't allowed) to consume alcohol. You probably shouldn't read a book or trim your toenails.
But what about eating while driving? That's OK, right?
Guy Builds Tiny House and It Gets Stolen [Video]
A guy in Texas, Casey Friday, has been building a tiny house for more than two years And it was finally ready to move into.
The home is 228 square feet, cost him $35,000 and was built on the back of a trailer.
Friday and his wife, Jessica, bought a plot of land just north of San Antonio in Spring …
Louisiana Man Finds GOD In an Eggplant [VIDEO]
A Louisiana cook working at Gino’s Italian family restaurant in Baton Rouge believes he was the recipient of a message from none other than the high Holy Roller himself – God. However, while they say the lord speaks in mysterious ways, this is the first time we have ever head o…
Come All Ye Faithful – Pastor With Holy Penis Blesses His Flock
Well, this is an interesting story. A Brazilian Pastor has been arrested for rape after he convinced the female members of his congregation that his penis had been consecrated with “divine semen of the Holy Spirit" and that the only way to receive God into their lives was through the …