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There Really Was A “Shack Outside La Grange”
This afternoon during my usual 2pm-7pm shift on 99X, I played "La Grange".  It's always been my favorite ZZ Top song not only because it rocks really hard, but because it's about a real place.  There was even a Broadway musical written about it, which later beca…
Goodbye June Opening For ZZ Top In Shreveport This Weekend
Earlier this year, ZZ Top was scheduled to appear at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. However Dusty Hill, ZZ Tops legendary bass player, had a accident that led to a broken collarbone, causing the show to be postponed.
Well, that make up date is here, in fact, it's this Sunday at the Muni...
ZZ Top’s Shreveport Show Is Now Postponed
Well, now it's official.
After days of rumors, and of radio stations trying to stay positive, this weekend's ZZ Top show at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium has been postponed. Here is a snip from the press release:
(Shreveport, LA) – April 20, 2016 – Last Thursday, Dusty Hill …
3 Reasons You Can’t Miss ZZ Top In Shreveport
Legendary rockers ZZ Top will be coming to The Shreveport Municipal Auditorium on April 24th. This is going to be a huge show, and tickets have been selling fast. But there are still some available.
I'm here to tell you WHY you should score those tickets before they're gone...

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