Recently, Fuse News paid a visit to the home of legendary Pantera vocalist Philip H. Anselmo to see how one of the truest kings of heavy metal lives and works.

Anselmo, who just finished a tour with his band The Illegals, says he bought his residence in the Northshore because he wanted to get out of the hectic scene that is New Orleans to rehab his body and mind.

“This place is a madhouse,” says Anselmo, after his dog and another barking neighborhood hound accost him at the bottom of the stairs. “We need puppy Valium or something around here.”

On Anselmo’s property, he raises chickens for eggs and even owns a pig, which we seriously doubt is intended for food, especially since the man named her Lucy. “I love beasts," he said. "I like animals. They're true.”

We then get a glimpse of the infamous Nodferatu’s Lair, where Anselmo says many recordings have been made. “I think the idea was always to build a studio and somehow record the records and get the records out as a record label,” said Anselmo. “We’re still growing.”

Above is a preview... to watch the full 5 minutes alone with Anselmo click here.