I stumbled into a list of reasons why an Isolation Tank Session could be “at least a good story,” which is reason number 10. Nearly everyone taking this plunge reports an out of body experience…like maybe dropping some sort of hallucinogenic…it’s a legal trip, yeah.  And that was linked (not with any realy clinical-scientific study, ya know) with making the left AND right brain more active, causing a Spark in Creativity, in turn perhaps leading to increased productivity by invoking a completely clear mind. Well, it also produces a huge calming sensation, so you can say goodbye to stress and anxiety. Rage observes this idea of floating naked in a covered pool of body temperature salt water puts a new spin on “getting tanked.” 

  1. A Great Story
  2. Out of Body Experience
  3. Sparks Creativity
  4. Increases Productivity
  5. Weight Loss!
  6. A Calming Effect
  7. Eliminates Anxiety and Stress
  8. Salt water is said to be good for your skin
  9. Celebrities use them…
  10. It’s Relaxing.

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