I can only find one thing wrong with Taylor Momsen. She never returns my calls. I mean, she's talented - she can write, sing, and act; she's got a killer band called The Pretty Reckless; and she can probably kick your ass. Did I forget anything? Oh, yeah, she looks better in her underwear than...well, most everyone.


And that's the problem. It's hard to get past her "good girl gone bad good looks". But once you do, I'd put The Pretty Reckless ( Momsen, Ben Phillips (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mark Damon (bass) and Jamie Perkins (drums)) up against Halestorm or In This Moment anytime, anywhere. And yet, you've probably never heard of them. Under promoted, thus underrated, and that's a shame. Equal parts Kurt Cobain and Joan Jett, if you missed out on their 2010 "Light Me Up" album and their 2012 EP "Hit Me Like a Man"...get them. Now.  And if you get a chance, see them live...at the House of Blues in New Orleans on September 30, and at the HOB in Dallas on October 4th. Their upcoming album "Going to Hell" will be out later this year. As a little incentive, here's a little taste:

The new single is the title track from "Going to Hell", check it out here:

Here, Taylor talks about "Going To Hell"

Need more? Okay, Okay, if you insist...