For the past few months I've been hearing about a chick by the name of Taylor Momsen.  I didn't know much about her other than she's in a teeny-bopper drama called "Gossip Girl" and as of late she's got her own band Pretty Reckless.

Needless to say, with a past role in a show I'm sure  couldn't even stand to watch with my eyes closed, I didn't hold out much hope for her band. Let me be know, my expectations have been blown away.I expected a poppy rock sound that just used her as a front, because let's face it she's 17, 18 in late July,  and hot. Her on stage antics have already gotten her lots of attention.  But, Pretty Reckless is much more that meets the eye. Momsen  has surrounded herself with seemingly talented musicians that bring a dark raw sound, but seem to be nothing more than ambiance. I can't seem to find out about the rest of the band, but I'm going to keep digging.

I would have never thought I could dig a band that's front person has been on the cover of Seventeen Magazine, but Pretty Reckless has got my attention. Let me know what you think.