So you want to know more about Taylor Momsen? Who she's dating? Her religious beliefs? Politics? Is she like the sweet Jenny of Gossip Girl, or more like the fiesty little minx we see in videos for her band, The Pretty Reckless?

It's none of your damn business.

In a recent interview with Kerrang! magazine, she says,

"I don''t live my personal life publicly. What I do personally is, frankly, none of your business. If someone takes a picture of me smoking, they call me a bad role model. Believe me, I don't want to be smoking - it's terrible and I'm trying to quit. But I can''t help it. If you put that photo on the internet, that's your fault - you're being a bad role model. I'm just an artist. The role model is the music, not me as a person. I'm not here to be your entertainment - the music is. If you really want to learn about my personal life, listen to the songs..."

Speaking of the songs, lyrics of The Pretty Reckless' songs apparently give more conservative parents 'the fear'...they claim that the songs are unsuitable for young kids. Maybe they're not...but the group - Momsen, Ben Phillips, Mark Damon and Jamie Perkins - have no intention of breaking under the pressure of parents or religious groups. Their new album may be called "Going to Hell", but Taylor says anyone who thinks it has a basis in religion isn't listening.

"I'm not a Satanist. It's not what I'm saying at all, so it gets a little daunting when people take it so... over the top. They're thinking of a shallow level of Hell. It means that they aren't getting the point of the record. Touring the world changed my perspective. There are so many problems and it doesn't seem like anyone's talking or writing about it. From equality and the imbalance of power to [the way] we don't treat the Earth right and we don't treat each other right."

Look for "Going to Hell" in stores and online March 18th, or pre-order it now from The Pretty Reckless website.