We a Teacher of the Year Award!!! And it contains all the classic Female Teacher Sex Scandal elements:

  1. Married female SPANISH teacher
  2. She is pretty cute
  3. Performing sex act on underage boy
  4. In a parked Jeep
  5. While it's still daylight out? (Muy Bueno!!!)
Kelsey Hartmann, one hot Spanish teacher.

Meet today's contestant for "Favorite Teacher of the Year": Wayne High School (Ohio) Spanish teacher Kelsey L. Hartmann!

Kelsey L. Hartmann is a 27 year old, married resident of Centerville, OH. Kelsey is no accused of three felony counts of sexual battery involving a minor.

So how did Kelsey win this award? A police report said an officer observed a black Jeep with fogged windows at 5:53 p.m. Nov. 21 in Huber Heights.

The charges carry a possible prison sentence of one to five years, and a $10,000 fine. Court documents show (the soon-to-be) Miss Hartmann admitted committing an offense to a Huber Heights detective.

According to the police report, the minor stated he had unprotected sex with Mrs. Hartmann two days earlier in her husband’s vehicle.

The boy also told police the teacher started flirting with him at the end of last school year, mostly in phone calls or texts, according to reports.

The police report states that after the officer knocked on the window of the Jeep,

“the female was shaking nervously and the male just sat there still and quiet.”

The boy first told the officer that he was 18 and that Mrs. Hartmann said the boy told her he was 18. The boy later admitted to being 16.

The boy said he was going to go to the movies on his own but that Hartmann texted him and asked to pick him up in her vehicle, the report said.  Mrs. Hartmann initially wouldn’t answer the officer’s question about where she worked. After she said she was a teacher, the officer placed handcuffs on her, according to the report. (Much to her chagrin, the 16 year old wasn't the one cuffing her, but he did stuff her, from what it sounds like.)