Because of the launch of Apple's Ipad 2, everyone has been talking about how far technology has come and they're starting to wonder what's in store for the future. Well this morning I was doing a little research and show prep and I happened to stumble over an article that had a video. The video was basically a preview of the future. Most of the devices in the video were only in concept design and in theory not actuality. But for the most part everything looks feasibly possible. While they didn't show flying cars (which we were promised long ago) or droids serving us and cleaning, they did show a lot of useful items that resembled giant IPhones. I say this because everything from your television on down to your stove has a touch screen similar to that of an IPhone. Also, instead of having R2D2 zip around and bring you snacks, the whole house basically acts as a robot. It will react to your needs and gestures and recognize different things through a central computer like if you say you're cold  then it will turn up the heat. Or say if you are low on milk, the house will see this and set a reminder for you to get more. The other thing is that everything has a screen. Mirrors, counter tops, refrigerators, coffee tables, etc, all have screens that allow you to see the reminders, stats of the house, the internet, tv, pictures, and text messages. It doesn't end there. They go on to show the cellphones of the future. They're basically IPhones except smaller and thinner and can do more things like automatically sync with your house simply by laying it on the counter and it syncs to your car which also has a ton of touch screens and does pretty much everything the house does. The video is a vision from the people at Corning. They make touch screens for phones and tvs and it's everything that they have in the vault for the future. Usually, I have some kind of rant that I do here about how it's stupid or bad or whatever and I church it up with my advanced rhetoric and vocabulary to the point that it's hard to argue but I really don't have anything bad to say about all of it because in all reality, it's pretty cool. I may stand against a lot of things in today's America like the programming of MTV and it's potential destruction of America's youth or the fact that this nation is headed towards a communist nation or that the borders are left open for every Tom, Dick, and Eduardo to cross over into but I will never stand in the way of industrial and technological  progress. This of course is what has helped America become one of the dominant powerhouses of the world.  However, I have drawn up a few conclusions after seeing the video. One is that Corning and the people of Apple are going to make even more than they already do (which we can assume is a substantial amount) and I would soccer style kick a little person to get my hands on some stock of one of those companies. And two, with all the touch screens that I'm seeing in the future, how will people who were either born without fingers or lost them in some sort of accident supposed to do everyday stuff? didn't think about that did you. Once again I conclude with the phrase," Time will tell" as most of the time it does. You can see the video here: