The state of Texas is trying to pass a law that would allow guns to be carried on college campuses. If passed, it would become the second state behind Utah to allow such a thing. Colorado also allows some college students and faculty to carry weapons and other schools throughout the nation allow it as well. But Texas has become the primary battleground for the bill. The Texas Government wants to make sure that a tragedy, like the one that occurred in 2007 at Virginia Tech, doesn't happen in the state of Texas. I'm all for that. Let's turn college into the old west. Hell, I might even go back knowing that my .45 is right there beside me. I shouldn't make light of this because school campus shootings are horrible and the people that commit such heinous crimes ought to be lined up by a firing squad but it is kind of odd that guns will be allowed at college. I assume now there will be courses offered like gun safety, target practice, defensive maneuvers, and firing on the move. That would be outstanding. But the fact remains that these massacres on campus are what brought this to the government's attention. What are you supposed to do if someone enters the classroom armed to the teeth and threatening to shoot? Stand there and die? At least now it will be a fair fight and killers will think twice about killing kids on campus because we all know that there is some trigger happy good ol' boy on campus (me) just dying to break out his beretta and emptying the clip on an attacker. If someone were to come into a class with me in it and wave a gun around and there was no possible escape, then I am going for him. At least I'll go out in the hail of gunfire and not sitting at a desk while being stuck on the same math problem and if guns are allowed to be carried on campus here and a gunman tries anything, I'm coming at him with 2 Navy 6's, on horseback, and with the reigns in my teeth. To conclude, the only question I have regarding the bill is for the attackers that are considering opening fire at a college campus. Do you feel lucky? Well do you?..... Punk