If you need to get your Red Dirt Metal fix, tomorrow is your day. One of our favorite bands here at 99X, Texas Hippie Coalition, will be taking us to the gun show tomorrow when their new album,  'Peacemaker', drops!  

And if you've been listening to 99X at all, we've been spinning their latest single 'Turn It Up' for a while now. Big Daddy Rich and the Bad Boys from Texas are bringing us to their Outlaw Gun Show tomorrow and all I can say is  "God Damn the Pussy Man"!

I've listened to the album non-stop since Friday when I got it, and this will without a doubt end up on everyone's "Top 10 Rock Albums" of the year list. You will need this CD for your collection as soon as you can get your hands on it!

If you can't wait till tomorrow to test positive for THC, here is a little preview of the new album. You can pre-order 'Peacemaker' here or you can hit up iTunes to get the bonus track 'Whiskey'! TURN IT UP!

thc - peacemaker