It’s no secret that men go to strip clubs and do things that aren't wife or girlfriend approved. So, to help cover our asses, a South African strip club has kindly created a cologne that lets their clients disguise where they’ve been. Rather than smell of sweat, cheap perfume and the scent of longing, men can now opt to smell of three alternatives instead.

Here are the three options; My Car Broke Down, which smells of fuel, burnt rubber, grease and steel, I Was Working Late, with scents of coffee, ink, cigarettes and wool suits, and We Were Out Sailing, which has the smell of fresh ocean spray, sea salt, cotton rope and aqua.

They cost $37 a pop. However, there are a few problems with the cologne.

A) It's only available in South Africa. B) How many times can you really use the "My Car Broke Down Scent" before the old lady catches on? Unless you drive a Ford, sooner or later she will bust your ass.