Whether he's threatening world domination, launching misguided missles, demanding that all males in his country (North Korea - The "True Korea") adopt his waterhead hair style, or doing Buttery Nipple shots with Dennis Rodman, Kim Jong Un - the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea - sure is entertaining!

But everything we hear about him apparently can't compare to the real story. And thanks to College Humor, who managed to get their hands on a leaked North Korean cartoon presenting the totally true triumphs of the totally not pudgy Great Leader, we now have that real story. So grab a bucket of buttery nipples, get your damn hair cut, and sit back and enjoy the 13 episodes of the Adventures of Kim John Un. Or have your a** fed to a pack of wild dogs. Accidentally, of course.

(Episodes will play consecutively, or forward to the next episode by pressing the "->" button at the bottom right of the player)