Friday night, The Riverside Warehouse celebrates it's 6th Anniversary. In a time when club support for local and regional bands is a rare thing, The Warehouse has built it's reputation on keeping the local live music scene alive.


Sure, over the past six years, the Warehouse stage has seen it's share of national acts - Sevendust, Halestorm, Pop Evil, and Foxy Shazam are some of recent note - but, the lion's share of stage time goes to local acts. Whether they aspire to greater things, or are just content to play to a Shreveport crowd - chances are, if a band has a reasonable amount of talent and plays original material, you've seen them on stage at the Warehouse.

Showing some love to a club that's done so much for local musician's is enough reason to come out and celebrate year number six, but when you toss in longtime Shreveport favorites The American Tragedy, you've got the makings of a legendary party! TAT only play a few local gigs a year now, so every one is an event...add Lions May Cry and Irene & the Sleepers, and you may want to pick up advance tickets to make`sure you're not stuck outside the doors when the show starts...

To put you in the proper frame of mind, check out the new video for 'Everyone Will Finish', the latest release from The American Tragedy:

And as a little bonus, 'Louisiana Loves Her Dead':