Can you imagine how low you would have to be to consider offing yourself? Thankfully Jacoby Shaddix didn't do that...but he contemplated it and that is how the new Papa Roach album was written.

Over the past few years, Jacoby had dealt with the dissolution of his marriage and the depression that went with it. For some, that kind of sadness can create a very dark place of sadness and addiction, repeating history (ala Kurt Cobain).  From the story that Jacoby tells, he was heading right down the same path. He had even considered suicide.

Somehow, he made it through the other side, kicking his addictions and even finding a way to start mending his relationship with his wife. That is when he was back to writing getting the band back in the studio. Then, just as their tour kicked off, his doctor discovered nodes on his vocal chords and off the road they came.

Even being off the road,  the look of the first day sales of the new Papa Roach album, they are on track to sell between 18,000 to 21,000 copies, which puts them in line with their last 2 albums. Not bad, for a band that has been around for 10 years.

Knowing the background on the last few years, their new song has a new meaning to me, which is probably pretty close to what it is supposed to be.  Put your eye on it and let me know if you see it too.