As every chubby chaser knows, one of THE best places to find chubbies is . . . the bus station. Unfortunately, our country's collective chubbiness is starting to really put a strain on our country's buses. Right now, the Federal Transit Authority has buses set their maximum number of riders around an assumption that the average person weighs 150 pounds. And if you look around . . . you know it's been a WHILE since that was true. So now, the FTA is planning to raise that estimate to 175 pounds. And with that change, public buses around the country would have to shrink their max number of riders . . . and probably have to turn more people away during peak times. Believe it or not, 175 pounds per person is still a low estimate. The FAA has airlines estimate that the average passenger weighs 190 pounds in the summer and 195 in the winter. The Coast Guard estimates boat passengers at 185 pounds. According to the CDC, the average weight of adult men in the U.S. is now 194.7, and the average weight of the adult woman is 164.7.