Hi.  My name is Gonzo, and I'm an addict.  Yes, that's right, I'm an addict...a junkie.  For the Cult.  Have been for years.  I have EVERYTHING from the Cult.  Vinyl.  Vinyl singles.  CDs.  CD singles.  Live albums.  The Manor Sessions.  The Black Box.  From the Southern Death Cult to the new album 'Choice of Weapon.  Ian's solo stuff.  Ian with the Doors.  Audio or video.  I have it.  I know, I know...some of their stuff is borderline mediocre...a few things truly bad.  But when the Cult are "on", it' s a spiritual experience.  For me anyway.

They kicked off their North American tour last night, and you can bet your ass I'll be at the House of Blues in Dallas on June 20th.

Thanks for listening.  I feel better now.  Now, if you you don't mind, I'd like to watch the Cult rock Jimmy Kimmel on last night's show (taped before their show in San Diego).  Sure, you can watch if you want to.