On February 14, men show women how much they're loved with flowers and chocolate. Today, March 14, is the day for women to reciprocate those feelings of endearment.

It’s Steak and BJ Day.

Unlike Valentine’s Day, where it’s up to the man to figure out what gifts to shower upon his woman, for Steak and BJ Day, it’s pretty simple: meat, and action with the meat.

There are no rules about what comes first (no pun intended) -- the steak or the BJ, nor about where or who grills the steak. For Shreveport-Bossier residents, we do have some suggestions on the later.

For an upscale dining experience, there’s the Village, Superior or Texas Street. But if you're looking for the casual, get-in-get-out and get to what he really wants experience, there’s Texas Roadhouse or Logan’s, which has a special (not specific to the holiday) of two steaks for $14.99 from 3 to 6 p.m.

Bon Appétit!

Kristi Martin is a journalist, professional blogger and native of north Louisiana. Follow her on Twitter @writtennred.