As most of you have seen, there is a video online that became viral within a few hours of being post of a kid who was being bullied, snapping and slamming the kid who was bullying him.

Check Video hereBully Beatdown. That kid who was getting bullied is named Casey Heynes and he recently did an interview about the events that happened that day and the way he had been treated for most of his school career. It's a very sad story that we all see too often but with everyone on his side, it has really helped his confidence and has made him a new man. Check Interview here Casey Heynes InterviewThe kid who got his ass NBA slammed is named Richard Gale. He also did an interview and told his version of the story and that it has not been easy for him at all. Most people have cyber bullied him since the events took place and he feels hated. Check Interview hereRichard Gale Interview