Reason #3,274 why my life sucks: The Foo Fighters are playing Jazz Fest in New Orleans on May 6th. I have tickets. I have a place to stay. I also have a 'mandatory' station promotion that weekend. One of those 'show up or else' things. Can they hold hold me liable if I come down with a screaming case of herpegonnasyphallaids and have to be rushed to New Orleans? And make a miraculous recovery on Tuesday?

Worst case scenerio...I can always watch this video and pretend I'm there. Brazil is like NOLA in a lot of ways, right?

This past weekend (Saturday, 4/07), the Foos rocked the Jockey Club in San Paulo, Brazil. Two and a half hours of vintage and new Foo, with a special appearance by Joan Jett for the encore. Check out THE ENTIRE SHOW below. You're welcome.