There are not many things that are certain in life...but here are two things I know to be absolute truths: 1) The Foo Fighters are awesome and 2) When you go to see Dave Grohl and company live, they are going to kick your ass in the most joyous way possible. Saturday night, during one of the many Bud Light Super Bowl Kickoff parties, the Fighters that Foo came out and melted faces for two and a half hours!

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

The fine folks at Bud Light were kind enough to stream the entire concert online(although, quite unfortunately, the stream couldn't handle the traffic and crashed about 45 minutes in to the set)! So, without any further build up, here is the Super Bowl show we all deserved to get but will probably never get - It's Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters rocking balls and melting faces. Enjoy!