My first experience with King's X was this song. A tall black dude, wailing on a base and a kick ass voice, some buzz-saw guitars and melody that had soul. And there was a great reason.King's X has been influenced by gospel, electric blues and 60 psychedelia, not something you would expect from a Hairband.

Let's also address the Hairband reference. they only reason this bad was lumped into the Hairband genre is because Doug Pinnick had an overgrown mohawk and the other members had longer hair, which looked more like Deep Purple from the 70s, than Poison.

Their sound was also a departure from the Hairband sameness that was permeating the airwaves at the time. They followed "Over My Head" up with other songs "It's Love", "Black Flag" and "Dogman". But it was this song that set the tone for the band in concert.

I was lucky enough to see them play the Bronco Bowl in Dallas and I was blown away. I mention this, as the band is still together and kicking ass with "Over My Head".

Original Version:

New Jam Version from 2000: