Britny Fox was spawned out of the original line-up of Cinderella's studio run-in with a record exec who wanted different people in the band. Even though, Britny Fox wasn't the top dog in the world of hairbands, they were and to this day still are a phenomenal band.

They had the hairband style with the balls to take on Classic Rock cover songs and have some killer originals like "Girlschool" and "Long Way to Love". The Classic they took on were songs like Slade's "Gudbye Ta Jane", Aerosmith's "Dream On" and this song, Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog". Quite frankly, Axl Rose could have learned something from this band on taking on a cover song of this nature. Nazareth's was bally and ahead of it's time, this version is just plain bombastic.

If you want to compare the versions, enjoy:

Britny Fox: