Fastway was the result of "Fast Eddie" Clarke and Pete Way of UFO. Hence FASTWAY. Add in the drummer from Humble Pie and Dave King, an unknown singer at the time from Ireland. Ironically, Way left the band before they recorded their first album, so he could play with Ozzy.

While Fastway had some success with "Say What You Will" and "Easy Livin'" this was kind of their swan-song as the title song for a pretty trippy horror movie which featured Ozzy.

Because the band made virtually no money (which seems to be a theme with anyone attached to Motorhead), the band broke up with King going off to form QED with the remaining members of Fastway, which didn't last.

Interestingly Dave King went on to going Flogging Molly as the lead singer and primary song writer. While that doesn't sound odd, Flogging Molly is a Celtic Punk band. Not what you would expect from a hairband from the early 80s, but Dave wrote a lot of the group's material as an illegal alien
in the USA. If you want to compare Fastway to Flogging Molly, how about "Seven Deadly Sins"