2 songs introduced me to Queensryche and both were from their first album, which was an overlooked classic. One of those songs was "Queen of the Ryche".

Queensryche got lumped into the hairband era because no one could find a place for them. They were Pink Floyd meets David Bowie meets Beethoven on a metal stage. This also explains why the band lasted as long as it did.

Yes, they are still around...but more like a Beach Boys arguement. There is the Queensryche with Geoff Tate and some session musicians. Then there is the Queensryche without Geoff Tate. Both are suing each other for the use of the name, so this won't end well, unlike that of the Beach Boys. It will probably end up looking like Faster Pussycat, which is that both can use they name, IF they say "Featuring (insert name here)".

A sad way to end the career of a phenomenal band.  But enjoy what some called the band's theme song ":Queen of the Ryche".