Doro Pesch was the lead singer for Warlock and they had one massive hit here in the USA with "All We Are". While they were HUGE in their motherland of Germany, Warlock was riding high in the USA when they went on tour with Megadeth, Dio and a bunch of other bands of the era. At that point Doro was on all the magazine covers, her face was front and center of all the videos and eventually everyone quit Warlock, leaving Doro as the sole remaining member of the band.

While she wanted to keep the band name, her manager told her, if she did, he would sue her. So she just began fronting a new band of all American (and since a revolving door of band members) call Doro.

At this point, she teamed up with Gene Simmons and recorded a few albums, with only minor success. She is still playing music and a Thai boxer and painting artist, but she has never captured the success of this one song.