Winger came onto the scene with Madeline. A pretty damn good song...until they broke through with a song about Pedophilia love with a 17 year old girl. (Definitely a sign of the times.)

At the time, dudes everywhere were digging this song, because of the killer riffs and tale of an "of age" man and his underage lust. Women were digging on Kip Winger's rugged, unshaven looks, long hair and shirtless appearance. All of that made this song a massive hit. Not to mention, Reb Beach and Kip Winger had street cred after their career high of being Alice Cooper's backing band, John Roth was in in Black Oak Arkansas and Giant and Rod Morgenstein was in Dixie Dregs.

Then the unthinkable happened, music started to become harder and more alternative, which started to 86 the hairband sound and replace with bands as diverse as Pantera to Radiohead. Sadly, the nail was put in Winger (and the entire Hair genre) with Beavis and Butthead's unmerciful lampooning of Winger and this particular song.

Despite Beavis and Butthead, Kip Winger and Rod Morgenstein are still on the road playing Winger tunes and Reb Beach is with Whitesnake and John Roth is playing with Starship.