If the government shutdown happens on Friday, we'll feel plenty of serious effects. The National Parks will close, our tax refunds could be delayed, and more. But there's another side effect of the last government shutdown, in 1995, that NO ONE expected: The president cheating on his wife. That's right. The 1995 government shutdown had a DIRECT connection to the PRESIDENT CLINTON - MONICA LEWINSKY scandal. Here's the four-step process of how that went down.

#1.) 22-year-old Monica's internship at the White House was up. But because the shutdown was coming, she couldn't get another government job.

#2.) She extended her internship.

#3.) The day after the shutdown began, November 15th, 1995, Monica had a moment alone with Bill and told him she, quote, "had a crush on him." He took her into a back study behind the Oval Office and kissed her.

#4.) In the days and weeks that followed, they'd have, quote, "unclothed genital contact . . . kissing, hugging, touching, and [oral], but not intercourse."

So . . . um . . . your move, OBAMA.