Deep in the woods of Northern Louisiana, folks tell tales of a man who defied the law in a miraculous way.

You liked that build up huh? I made it all intense for the reader to get hooked. But this isn't an all intense legend like bigfoot or chupacabra. This is more of a legend about a man who used his smartassness in a moment that most would not have and it actually helped him. Last night, my friend D-Mac was driving home from a job site that he had been at all day long. He was tired and ready to get home and generally, when you're in that kind of situation, you tend to speed and he was no different. Well the staties saw that he was doing 95 mph and properly pulled him over. When they got to the vehicle, they asked him why he was going so fast and he responded with, "Well, I've got a young wife and an old truck at home and I'm scared somebody is going to sling a rod into one of them." This apparently took the officers by surprise because they actually laughed and then sent him on his way with only a warning!!!! This would have never happened if he had actually given a damn but since he didn't and decided to be bold, his crude comment actually paid off. Remember the Legend of D-Mac the next time you get pulled over and if you're brave enough, try it and see if you can be so lucky.