I loved Mystery Science Theater 3000 growing up. Absolutely loved it! It's probably part of the reason why I'm such a dick. But, at least for the past few years, it seems like MST3k have disappeared. The last Full Episode of MST3K aired on Sci-Fi in 1999. But, alas, with get to ride with the guys one more time because Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett will be back to make fun of Sci-Fi's B-Movie disaster Sharknado!

If you want to watch this epic event on the big screen, both nights of Sharknado will go down at Shreveport's Cinemark Tinseltown Theater and the Texarkana Pavilion 14 July 10th and 15th.

Now, just speaking for me, I have no desire or interest to ever see Sharknado again. But, I think I might just have to suffer through to hear the guys from MST3K tear this turd apart. It was the highlight of my childhood, really. If you want to go, we have free tickets you can score below.