If you have not heard this story about a mistaken FBI Porn Raid, and you have Wi-Fi then you should read on to learn from this poor bastard's mistake.

This dude left his home Wi-Fi network unprotected, and his pervy, disgusting neighbor piggy-backed on his “free” wireless network to visit thousands of child pornography images.

I'm not a big "tech guy" but I did learn a valuable lesson from this. The lesson here is to lock your wireless network down. WEP (wired equivalent privacy) is far from perfect, and can be cracked in a matter of seconds, but even turning on such weak protection is better than nothing.

You should use, when possible, WPA or WPA-2 encryption. With most home and small offices wireless routers, simply log in to the Admin console, enabling the encryption, and setting a password. Get those router directions out of the box or visit the vendors website and read how to begin if needed.

Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to figure out how to log into the admin console for your Wi-Fi router and turn on encryption to prevent unauthorized piggy-backing.

That is unless you want to be labeled as a kiddie porn peddler and end up being someone's bitch in Federal Prison.