I got a great Christmas present from my wife.  A gift certificate to Long Range Alley Gun Club for my

Conceal Carry Weapons Class.  I took advantage of the class this past weekend, took video and pictures and wanted to share with you what all is involved and how you can begin enjoying your 2nd amendment rights too.  If you want to learn about the range, what happens in the class and how easy it is, just watch the video below.

Along with providing concealed carry classes to anyone that's interested (125.00) they also are a fully operational members only gun club with yearly dues just under $180.00.  I talked to Charlie Rich, one of their Range Safety Officers.  "It's a great place for family and friends to come enjoy shooting.  I can't wait until you see the cowboy action up and running, it's going to be cool", said Rich.  Gun clubs also meet at the range including the S.A.S.S. (Single Action Shooting Society) which are deep into cowboy action, the Grand Cane Gunslingers, as well as getting visits from other organizations like the South East .50 Cal Association.

The range provides some steel match targets, has a pro shop for holsters, ammo, eyes, ears, and targets (and some great gun stories), has specific bays for rim fire, pistol and rifle, restrooms on the range, an assault deck, a clay pigeon area, archery area, and boasts an awesome 1,000 yard range!  They are currently working on a cowboy action range which will be the only one in the area which should be ready in March.

Long Range Alley is located off I-49 at the Relay Station exit near Frierson.  The best thing to do is call the pro shop at 872-0111 or go to their Facebook page here:  Long Range Alley's Face Book Page