I'm going to go ahead and take this as a giant metaphor for how much faith people have lost in the health care system.



--Because in a new survey asking people which superpower they most want, people passed up telepathy, invisibility, flight, and super-strength . . . and chose Wolverine's instant healing ability. Here's how the list broke down . . .



#1.) Wolverine's accelerated healing, 22%.


#2.) Professor X's psychic powers, 21%.


#3.) Superman's ability to fly, 15%.


#4.) The Hulk's super strength, 11%.


#5.) The invisibility of Sue Storm from the Fantastic Four, 8%.


#6.) The ability to control weather, like Storm from the X-Men, 7%


#7.) The fire-generating powers of the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four, 7%.


#8.) Daredevil's super senses, 4%.


#9.) Spider-Man's web slinging, 3%.


#10.) The super speed of Dash, from The Incredibles, 2%.