The new album Apocryphon from Austin metal band The Sword drops on October 22nd, mere days before their November 2nd appearance at The Riverside Warehouse. To get you prepared, 'Veil of Isis', one of the tracks from their upcoming collection of ear-splitting, liver rattling carnage has hit the interweb. How does 'Veil of Isis' fit in with previous Sword material? Frontman J.D. Cronise tells Rolling Stone,

It's a little more metaphysical than a lot of our previous stuff. It talks a lot about cycles of nature and life and death and birth and transformation and death and rebirth. In essence, the song is about change. It's about moving from one phase of the natural cycle to the next and the recognition of the knowledge revealed when such transitions occur. The lyrics make reference to Isis, the goddess of nature and magic, and her brother/husband Osiris, the god of the dead and the afterlife, as agents of those changes and keepers of sacred knowledge. The 'veil' is that which hides from us the true nature of the universe that, during our earthly existence, is largely hidden from us.

Check out 'Veil of Isis' here: