Whether you know it or now, you're probably getting lied too.

Online dating has become quite popular in recent years and more and more people are finding their "true match" via the internet. Well, a recent poll shows that the vast majority of people who do online dating will lie to you about certain facts. Really? They can do that? (sarcasm) Who would of thought? Most of the lies are minuscule in there own way. Things like height, occasional smoking, and if a person is in the midst of a diet they will list their desired weight rather than their current weight. Other lies are more off putting. They will lie about gender, age, religion, weight (with no desire to shed the love handles), or even put up a picture of someone that is not themselves. Shocking I know.

If you really want to meet someone, then why put yourself through something that is teaming with bullshit? Go out!! Meet people!!! A bar, a store, at a party, etc. It really doesn't matter where as long as it's a first person kind of thing. People have been doing it for thousands of years and it's seemed to work. I don't know what brought on this fear of meeting people. Perhaps it's rejection or the pangs of despised love but that doesn't give anyone the excuse to become a genuine pansie and become a recluse. It's time to get out there. If they say no, screw them and move on to another. I guarantee the real deal on a date and not some 400lb prostitute with missing teeth and a tribal tattoo.