Ladies out there, have you ever wondered why you're boyfriend and his buddies will have a nail gun fight in the yard or tie a couch behind a fourwheeler and book ass through an open field? Today, I have answers.

Men will do dumb stuff. Stuff that will leave most women in utter astonishment that they're with a person who is capable of something as stupid as ramping an old dirt bike into the river or jumping off a 60 foot bridge. Well now, these acts of dumbassness have a name. It's called the culture of honor. Men do these things to prove themselves in some way and keep their reputation going strong. The problem is, close to 7,000 men die each year in the process of such an act. Another fact about the culture of honor is that it is more common in the southern and western states. Probably because men are pansies in the north and east. For the guys who live in the urban areas of cultures of honor, they are 14% more likely to die in a car crash, drown, or over exert themselves while the good ol' boys are 19% more likely to do something like that. Basically, all my rowdy friends out there have a death wish.

Now I am a big offender of the culture of honor. I've jumped off the bridge or out of a speeding boat,  wrecked cars and fourwheelers, swam across the river with no one there to know if I drowned or not, climbed radio towers in the middle of the night without clip ins, swam in waters that are notoriously known for 12 foot or bigger bulligators, and now I see the reason why. It's because of the culture of honor and a member of this culture can usually tell you a few good stories of a near death experience. So ladies, next time you're scolding your BF, remember, he's not doing it because he belongs in a padded room. he's doingit because it's a man thing. We keep you ladies around to talk us out of those slightly hairier situations.