With Zombie mania in full force (and "zombie attacks" running rampant) what could be a better way to spend an evening than bashing in the brains of the living dead?!? But when it comes to killing walkers, you have a lot of choices. 

You have Dead Island, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead etc.. But those games suck. After 5 minutes, you just want to kill yourself, not the dead.

They just don't have the heart and soul of the original Resident Evil series. So, if you want a new game to fill your zombie killing needs, get Telltale's game based on the wonderful comic book/TV series, The Walking Dead.

Not only do you get the kill these blood thirsty, flesh eaters with shotguns, axes, ice picks and all kinds of other fun tools, but you have to deal with other characters. And unlike most games where you just interact with others, but the way you deal with them effects the way the game goes.

For example, if you piss off one of the other guys in the game, they stay pissed at you. If you help a brother out, they may come back and save your ass later on.

This adds a whole other element of awesomeness to the game. You deal with the dead, you deal with the living, you laugh, you cry, you get covered in blood, and through it all, you have a damn good time.

If you don't have it, go and get it. You can download it to your PC, Xbox360, or PS3. Just trust me on this, it'll be the best 25 bucks you'll ever spend (hummer from Courtney Love not included).