Facebook has made us into a world of OVERSHARERS. In a new survey, an employment website called Glassdoor.com wanted to see if there's ANYTHING that most people are reluctant to share online.

And they found there are only TWO things that we all agree are not for sharing online. Those are . . . details about your SEX LIFE and details about your SALARY.

Only 2% of Americans said they were comfortable sharing either of those.

Nothing else was close . . . although a good number of people also said they were reluctant to share their kid's activities and their household purchases.

Not any of my Facebook friends. I've seen enough photos of children's birthday parties, and status updates bragging about their new iPads to last me my entire life.)

The survey also found that 18- to 34-year-olds are most likely to share info about their relationships and jobs . . . women are most likely to share relationship details, vacation photos, and shopping photos . . . and Northeasterners share the least.